CARBOROBOT 180 BIO Steam biomass steam boiler     

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Biomass boilers
         For warm water

  • BIO
    Automated, pellet, wood chips,

  • Farmer
    Automated, pellet,wood chips,
    wood logs, multifuel

  • Automat
    Self-loading, automated,
    pellet, wood chips, multifuel

Steam boilers    

  • Low pressure steam (0,5bar) automated boilers for biomass, pellet, wood chips, multifuel        

Coal boilers

  • Automated brown coal boilers
    For warm water or low pressure steam

Fuel feeder systems


The short steam technical info.

Recommend minimum distances:  
 a: 200mm   b: 600mm    c: 1000mm   d: 1200mm

To see the boiler from the front side of Fuel container the handle is right or left. On handle side leave place to Ash door opening(c) and for the shovelling(not less 1,2m).
In front of the Fuel container(d) leave free distance min. 1,2m
Behind the boiler leave distance min. 60 cm for the tubes.
The Fuel door in opened position 30 cm higher than the Fuel container.
The left side of the boiler(the container wall) not to be nearer 80 cm to the wall.


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