FEEDLAN microprocessor controller system

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Biomass boilers
         For warm water

  • BIO
    Automated, pellet, wood chips,

  • Farmer
    Automated, pellet,wood chips,
    wood logs, multifuel

  • Automat
    Self-loading, automated,
    pellet, wood chips, multifuel

Steam boilers    

  • Low pressure steam (0,5bar) automated boilers for biomass, pellet, wood chips, multifuel        

Coal boilers

  • Automated brown coal boilers
    For warm water or low pressure steam

Fuel feeder systems

FEEDLAN    microprocessor controller

For the fuel feeding of the automatic boilers was developed the FEEDLAN system. The loader system controlled by the microprocessor and able to controll all function of the boiler. In case abnormal work of the boiler the processor can send advise by the GSM network in SMS. With the SMS question we can control the condition of the boiler and boiler can work in unsupervised conditions. The big reservoirs boiler can work few days without servicing. It can work with big fuel reservoirs and able to deposit ash in container.

FEEDLAN     AVR LCD controller

The AVR controller is the target computer. It is the factory basic controller of the boiler. It can be used with buttons and a monochrome LCD display shows the data.
In case of the failure of ANDROID, the AVR controller shall be used as controller display.

FEEDLAN     ARM Android touch screen controller

A color touchscreen computer (Samsung 7" tablet) which is connected via Bluetooth to the ARM central panel. Graphic software is running on, which provides text and shows the status of the boiler, the main processes. The Bluetooth connection between the Android controller and the ARM central panel must be built at the first installation.

The ANDROID tablet is a convenient tool to help you carry out the complicated boiler settings.

The power section is done by the reorientation of pulleys, used to protect motor.

Radio controlled bell alarm module (default accessory))

Each BIO boiler is fitted with a radio controlled bell, which covers 30m of range by plugging it into a connector. The sound is the same for every error messages. The type of the error is shown on the control unit display error list. The error list stores the last 500 errors.
If you need from more distance the signals, or to control the boiler from distance, so we recommend to order an SMS unit. SMS unit can be ordered separately as an accessory from the manufacturer.

Coal Boiler additional error signaling module

The vibration motor assists the container wall stuck coal entering the combustion chamber, reducing bridging. The panel will also be used for other communication purposes. Able boiler status and errors sent as text messages.
The system consists of a base panel and sensors connected to it. The full configuration, the following functions are available:
- Shaker motor control (adjustable shake and break time)
- KZ control panel (pause time adjustment potentiometer and indicator LEDs)
- Tank level indicator (with alarm empty tank)
- Smoke temperature detection, which can detect the extinction. (fault and stop the boiler)
- Radio control ring (ring feature wireless Trouble tone)
- SMS module (SMS notification report the error, up to 3 phone numbers, an error is acknowledged, status queries, Boiler stop command, 2 external relay control).

The panel Atmel ATMEGA32 microcontroller is controlled by pre-programmed according to the ordered functions.


The CARBOROBOT ARM boiler-control panel can be completed by an SMS module. Then the boiler's control can be used for two-way communication purposes too. It is able to send the status and errors of the boiler and the current state of the connected external devices in SMS messages format. We can make the temperature/pressure setting and its operation's off/on switching by SMS messages. Two switchable relays (Relay A, Relay B) on the ARM control-panel are default accessories of all boilers and further complementary external devices (16pcs) can be connected to the control-panel. The two default relays and the output relays, which are on the external device can be switched off/on by SMS. The remote control of other functions becomes possible by this (e.g. lamps, or airing ventilators, switching off/on a siren, displaying and asking the status of the level- and opening sensors)
To max. 3 preset phone numbers can the SMS module send message in textual format and is able to receive commands. We can be informed about the reason of the error too from the SMS text. e.g.: in „Boiler error - The fire goes out” message format.


FEEDLAN external devices

The ARM boiler control panel can supplemented with 16pcs FEEDLAN external device module. These modules include thermometers, humidity meters. The module's relay outputs are provided as well. The modules possible to query (how many degrees is the No. 3 external device) via the boiler SMS module. The specified device be switched on and off via mobile phone. All in the year can obtain information from a wide area, what the temperature or humidity. Lights, ventilator fans can be remote on-off to switch.

The external device must ensure the location has its own power supply. The ARM1 panel connecting cable is doesn't supply the external device.

1 No. 1 external device electronics box (an air temperature measuring device)
2 Cable connection ARM boiler controller
3 Relay "A" LED (ARM J18 connector , User manual point 3.8) This output can be controlled by the display and SMS as well. In the SMS status query shown the output state.
4 Relay "B" LED (ARM panel connector J18 Manuals 3.8 points) This output can be controlled by the display and SMS as well. In the SMS status query shown the output state.
5 No.1. external device input switch (This switch causes the display shows the switch position (top-ON, down OFF) status and SMS query also shows how the switch is set. This input can not be operated with nothing but show the status)
6 Executive relay connected to the external device output relay. This output can be controlled by the display and SMS as well. In the SMS status query shown the state.
7 Relay status LED. Shows the Executive relay status. (Light when executing relay coil is powered)


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