Boilers working autonomy

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Biomass boilers
         For warm water

  • BIO
    Automated, pellet, wood chips,

  • Farmer
    Automated, pellet, wood chips,
    wood logs, multifuel

  • Automat
    Self-loading, automated,
    pellet, wood chips, multifuel

Steam boilers    

  • Low pressure steam (0,5bar) automated boilers for biomass, pellet, wood chips, multifuel        

Coal boilers

  • Automated brown coal boilers
    For warm water or low pressure steam

Fuel feeder systems

The autonom working period

Depending on boiler and fuel types, the boilers are able to operate for various periods without attention, i.e.autonomously. Furthermore, if the load goes down, the length of this period gets longer, because the consumption is lower.

The achievable period for autonomous operation depends on the following 4 parameters:

1.Size of the fuel storage hopper
2.The caloric value of the fuel
3.Bulk density of the fuel
4.The required output energy

The volume for fuels having identical caloric value varies to a large extent. Consequently, there is a large variation in the period of autonomy as shown in the table below. The longest autonomy is achieved with coal and the shortest is with woodchips.



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