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Biomass boilers
         For warm water

  • BIO
    Automated, pellet, wood chips,

  • Farmer
    Automated, pellet,wood chips,
    wood logs, multifuel

  • Automat
    Self-loading, automated,
    pellet, wood chips, multifuel

Steam boilers    

  • Low pressure steam (0,5bar) automated boilers for biomass, pellet, wood chips, multifuel        

Coal boilers

  • Automated brown coal boilers
    For warm water or low pressure steam

Fuel feeder systems

Cone Hopper Bin 2m3

This type of Bin are equip with movers and vibration motors, they can use for pellets, coal and corps. This Bin good for the woodchips also.

The feeder system of the boiler can control the Bin.

With agripellet this 2m3 Bin serve the 300kW boiler to work 2 day non-stop


Plastic open air bin 5m3

The JFC Wood Pellet bin is waterproof and condensation free, making it the ideal solution for storing wood pellets externally. The JFC Wood Pellet Bin includes:
Dimensions: O2.05m x H2.7m
Capacity: 3.3 Tonne
Volume: 5 Cubic Meters
Code: WPB-3T

Auger empty Hopper Bin 5-8m3

The bottom Auger in the Bin empty the fuel for the feeding system of the boiler. The length may vary, and the capacity possible up to 8m3. The Bin controlled with PLC or microprocessor. Good for the pellets and for the coal.

With agripellet this 5m3 Bin serve the 300kW boiler to work 4day non-stop.

This Bin not ideal for the woodchips.

Moving Floor Hopper Bins 10-50m3 ( Walking floor )

The Mowing Floor Bin is the biggest capacity. All of kind granulated fuel possible to use (pellets, woodchips, coal, corps). This type of Bin important for the woodchips users, it can move the woodchips without problem to the feeder auger of the boiler. Easy to mount on the place, and possible to design by the dimensions of the room. Mechanical part build with hidraulic system, or for the smaller size possible to make pneumatic moved also. The Bin controlled with PLC or microcomputer.

On the picture is 12m3 Bin. With agripellet this 12m3 Bin serve the 300kW boiler to work 8 day non-stop. With woodchips filled this time is 2 days.


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