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Biomass boilers
         For warm water

  • BIO
    Automated, pellet, wood chips,

  • Farmer
    Automated, pellet,wood chips,
    wood logs, multifuel

  • Automat
    Self-loading, automated,
    pellet, wood chips, multifuel

Steam boilers    

  • Low pressure steam (0,5bar) automated boilers for biomass, pellet, wood chips, multifuel        

Coal boilers

  • Automated brown coal boilers
    For warm water or low pressure steam

Fuel feeder systems

Important accessories the chimney. On this page we show the possible solutions and parameters.

Automatic flue gas damper It is sometimes necessary to adjust the draft of the flue.

The CARBOROBOT innovated exhaust gas fan family can operate up to 300C.
Flue gas Fan


Pellet, wood chips, coal stores
Fuel stores

Pellet, wood chips, coal screws

Pellet, wood chips, coal
Moving floor storage

The CARBOROBOT boilers can make sanitary hot water(SHW) simultaneously with the heating. For this we offer hot exchanger and recomendations
Hot water

Feed water tank for steam boilers
Feed water tank

FEEDLAN control
Feeding system control SMS modul,
Coal Boiler additional module

Vibration motor
Improve the use of wood chips, or wet coal sliding in the fuel tank.


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