Chimey exhaust fans

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Biomass boilers
         For warm water

  • BIO
    Automated, pellet, wood chips,

  • Farmer
    Automated, pellet,wood chips,
    wood logs, multifuel

  • Automat
    Self-loading, automated,
    pellet, wood chips, multifuel

Steam boilers    

  • Low pressure steam (0,5bar) automated boilers for biomass, pellet, wood chips, multifuel        

Coal boilers

  • Automated brown coal boilers
    For warm water or low pressure steam

Fuel feeder systems

Exhaust fan


Special ventilators innovated by CARBOROBOT can use for exhaust gases up to 300C degree.

The rotors balanced with precision balancing equipments for low noise and vibration.

The electromotors are installed on rubber blocks for reduction of noise. The electromotors are air cooled and they have special axis for better cooling.

Fan should be installed between the boiler and chimney. The proposed solution is the mounting assembly, which is easily the correct height and direction may be attached to the fan.

Additional fittings

Mounting assembly for the fan. It reduces noise, vibration and the fan easy to connect to the chimney.

Tubes and diffusors

Transition shape (diffuzor)


Welding the fan to the mounting assembly

The fan housing is used to fixing, because then we can take out the motor and blade can without dismantling the smoke pipes. If the motor carrier is fixed to the bracket, the fan housing and the smoke tubes to be removed from if the engine replacements.

Fan installations

A 180kW


Farmer 40




Dinamic balancing machine up to 500mm diameter

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